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Cowboy E-Bike Customer reviews

Ungefilterte Meinungen und Rezensionen von Cowboy Kunden. Sieh dir an, was unsere Rider zu sagen haben.

  • Kyle ★★★★★

    Harringay Aug 10, 2021 Cowboy 3

    I had two VanMoof S3's fail on me and getting the Cowboy C3 was the best decision I ever made. I love the bicycle and the assist it gives -- enough to still have some exercise. It has enough electronics on it to help you but not so much that it has a million points of failure (like the VanMoof). The handlebar height needs adjustment if you're 6'2"+ and I had to buy a new stem to achieve this. The discs brakes were still touching when I first rode the bicycle and that's the only thing I think Cowboy could be better at -- providing a quick and easy way to adjust this as it's quite a common issue looking at Reddit. I struggled to find this info easily. Buy one, it's the future, and in the next 10 years everyone in cities should be on them.

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